About Katie

Another OSU alumnus right here with a B.A. in English & Creative Writing. My heritage consists of mostly German and Italian with western European hits. I’m a forty year-old woman trapped in a twenty-three year-old’s body; in other words, I’m an old soul and I see and think very differently from the average twenty-something. I’m that person, and a Leo Rooster (or Cock, yes, I went there), who always asks for your birthday for astrological purposes during introductions. Did I mention I’m also the black sheep of the family? Well, I’d rather be a weird non-conformist and never settle for less than I deserve. My side-yet unpaid-job involves consuming many Starbucks lattes while trying to juggle too many manuscripts in progress (what with all the ideas going on in my head). Each story has its own identity; I don’t just write fiction. I have contemporary, thriller, romance, as well as fantasy and sci-fi brewing on my Google Drive. My main focus as of now is Arthurian legends in my first clear manuscript. Finally, I aspire to live in the U.K. with a personal library & room with a big black German Shepherd. Maybe find a man I can travel with as well as entertain, annoy and molest for the rest of our lives.


Go-To Drink(s):

Venti Iced London Fog Tea Latte (2 extra pumps of vanilla)

Irish Coffee


Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Historian, Outlander series, This Man series, A Christmas Carol, Big Girl, Fangirl, Your Soul is a River, Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, Richard the Third & MacBeth (plays count too)


Mythology, Western Astrology, Interpersonal Intelligence/Myers-Briggs (all three of us are ENFJs), Christmas, Spirituality, Tarot/Oracle, Mysticism, Sexuality/Expression, French Existentialism, Sketching/Painting, Druids culture, Arthurian literature, Celtic history, British history & literature, history of the Holocaust, Dogs & Wolves.


Jodi Ellen Malpas, Nikita Gill, Rainbow Rowell, Nora Roberts, T.H. White, Dan Brown, Simone de Beauvoir

What Do You Enjoy Most About Writing?

The fact that writing a story, a good original story, cannot be planned. It comes in bouts of inspiration and randomness, and when you’re lucky enough to get a moment like that, you become consumed in it. After the scene is typed on the screen, you want to go back and read it over and over.

What Do You Look Forward to Most in Upcoming & Current Adventures?

To put my restlessness to good use and see new things. To get lost in a place full of simplicity wrapped in modernity. To attain new opportunities of any kind. To experience moments that inspire poetry.